Strong for Life

Strong for Life

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Attention: Parents, Teachers, Coaches, and Youth Program Leaders!

The best way to set teens up for success is to help them
improve the skills and strengths that count the most in life.

Watch this important video to find out how
you can give a young person AN EDGE IN LIFE.


How to Give Your Teen a Superior MindAs an experienced teacher, who works with teenagers that are dealing with daily challenges, I feel that Strong for Life provides me with coaching tools for my students. It gives them a variety of new skills and resources to better meet their needs and help them address unexpected situations.

The system fosters authentic conversations, openness, bonding, self-awareness, progress and life skills.

The students developed better social skills and tackled their fear of sharing with a group by using the Coaching Network. My personal coaching had the greatest impact when combined with the Strong for Life system.

Thank you for creating this amazing system.

Noa Schecter
High School Teacher, Los Angeles


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