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Rising Stars Initiative

The ProStar Coach self-development platform is the foundation for a variety of programs that help adults improve core communication skills and personal strengths—important capabilities that weren’t a part of their formal education when they were young.


But it doesn’t make sense to wait until people are adults to become strong in these areas. It isn’t easy for an adult to improve skills that have been ingrained for decades. Teenagers can start developing these interpersonal and life skills before they become adults. Doing so will give them huge advantages as they prepare for the challenges they’ll face later in college, at work, and in life.


To make this happen, we developed a version of ProStar Coach aimed at young people between the ages of 13 and 18, called Strong for Life.


And in order to have a positive impact on as many young people as possible, we’ve established the Rising Stars Initiative, in which Strong for Life is made available free to young people through the paid subscription of the adults who work with them—athletic coaches, leaders of youth programs, sponsors of extracurricular activities, school teachers, ministers, scout leaders—literally any adult who works with a group of teens.


Make a dramatic, positive difference in the lives of
ONE MILLION Young People make the next generation stronger for life
before adult life happens to them.

Rising Stars Initiative

The special Rising Stars Initiative package bundles a subscription to an adult mentor dashboard along with 50 FREE Strong for Life accounts.


The subscription to the adult mentor dashboard is only $79 per month, or $795 for a full year.


Any adult can buy their teen an individual one-year subscription to Strong for Life for $97. But when the program is given to a young person through an adult mentor as a part of the Rising Stars Initiative, Strong for Life teen accounts are FREE.


Learn more about Strong for Life.


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Rising Stars Initiative

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Rising Stars Initiative

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